3Zero Southeast Asia Forum: fostering a sustainable and inclusive agriculture system


Luca Fischer


Program Manager


Luca Fischer is Koltiva’s Program Manager (PM), leading Koltiva’s Palm Oil and Rubber field implementation projects. Luca bridges the gap between the client, product, and field team in his day-to-day work. He has more than five years of work experience in sustainable sourcing, smallholder livelihood, and inclusive business. Luca Fischer has worked in the global south, including Africa, Latin America, and Asia, and has graduated with an M.Sc. in Sustainable Resource Manager from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. About Koltiva: Established in 2013, Koltiva is a technology-enabled service company empowering over 500,000 producers and business users across 27 countries. Koltiva supports some of the largest multinational companies by digitizing and verifying global supply chains, focusing on enhancing traceability, inclusiveness, and sustainability. Koltiva combines quadruple-tech (agritech, fintech, edutech, and climatech) with “boots on the ground” services to improve producers’ outcomes and profitability while building more sustainable supply chains.

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