3Zero Southeast Asia Forum: fostering a sustainable and inclusive agriculture system


Insan Syafaat


Executive Director


Insan Syafaat joined PISAgro in January 2021. As Executive Director, he is responsible for overseeing PISAgro Secretariat, planning its sustainable strategy, and ensuring the implementation of PISAgro’s vision and mission, with the support of a number of working groups and members. Insan has more than 8 years of working experience in the Sustainable Agriculture Policy and Implementation. He has led projects that require multi-stakeholders collaborations such as commodity replanting program, and landscape or jurisdictional approach. These diverse cultures of multistakeholders have moulded his ability to work with people from different backgrounds. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia, and a master’s degree in International Business Management from Bournemouth University in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

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